Thursday, April 13

Tandem in Training


We are officially nine days away from the MS 150, the annual Multiple Sclerosis fundraising bike ride that Meg's family (and nowadays, very extended family) does every year. 180 miles over two days from Houston to Austin. Woohooo!

As you may know, we're riding a tandem this year, putting the health of our relationship on the line to provide amusement to 11,000 other riders as we fall over repeatedly and bicker about who gets to "be the captain." To prepare for 48 hours with a partner who will become petulant whenever not seated in front, I've been training with a 15 month-old named Roan (see photo).

And, let me tell you, there's nothing better than wearing spandex in Oregon cowboy country right after Brokeback Mountain opened in the local (90 minutes away) theater.

We're about halfway to our $2,000 combined fundraising goal, so just in case you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket, we'd love your support. Here are the links to donate:



And, I highly recommend that you check out Meg's brother Dunagan (and friends)'s latest excellent fundraising short film, entitled "Brokebike Mountain." They've really outdone themselves this time, weaving a complex tale of two men bravely daring against all odds to become tandem riders in a society that closed-mindedly believes only in "one man, one bike". It's really freakin' brilliant! Here's the link: